OU Live

OU Live

Oakwood Adventist Academy 12th grade students visited Oakwood University Live on October 4th-8th. OU Live is a 5-day event that immerses prospective students into life at Oakwood University.

Oakwood Live gives 12th grade students the opportunity to meet students from all over the world, visit academic departments, participate in social activities, and spend spiritual time in God’s word.

According to the senior advisor Ms. Swoope, “OU Live was a great opportunity for the seniors at OAA to network and grow closer to God.  She believes that OAA students and Chaperones fully experience each aspect of the University.  She said that they fellowshipped with each other and were tested to their limit at times, but she feels it was a rich experience for all.” The culminating experiences brought all of them together. All the students walked away with a great appreciation for Oakwood Adventist Academy, Oakwood University and each other.


OULive is a life changing event.  The students grew closer in their relationship with their OAA peers. They also had a fantastic time meeting additional prospective freshmen and future friends for the school year 2018-2019.  Many of the students said they cannot wait to be a part of Oakwood University.  They were blessed by the experience at OULive.

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