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At OAA, we have a rich history of tailoring our programming to meet the needs of the community we serve. Our holistic educational program is built to execute the mission of the school, to Develop, Nurture, and Affirm (DNA) students mentally, physically, and spiritually for a lifetime of service to God and man. Today, we are governed by the South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventist and a local constituency of Seventh-day Adventist churches called the Huntsville Area Seventh-day Adventist (HASDA) Churches. We are constantly striving to improve our instructional methods and practices, as well as the course offerings on our campus for all students, K-12.

Our school operates under the governance of the North American Division (NAD) Office of Education. Please view the links below for more information on our educational standards by grade level:

NAD Elementary Education Standards | NAD Secondary Education Standards

At Oakwood Elementary the course of study for grades K – 8 includes learning experiences in the following areas:

  • Bible
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • General Science
  • General Mathematics
  • Practical and Fine Arts
  • Health and Physical Education

Academic Requirements/Probation
A student whose GPA falls below 2.00 for the most recent quarter will be placed on academic probation for the following marking period. The officer of any class or organization must maintain a 2.50 GPA. During this time the student may not function as an officer of a school organization or participate in extracurricular activities.

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General Curriculum
This program of study is designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in nonacademic vocations and college curriculum. The program allows the student to gain a wide range of experiences and gears him/her to their specific interests. The general curriculum requires an achievement of 64.5% and above. It is possible to change to the college preparatory curriculum; however, this decision should be made early in order to fulfill the corresponding requirements for the college preparatory diploma. This program requires an academic achievement of 71% or more in each class.

The General Curriculum

  • English 4 units
  • History 4 units
  • Mathematics 4 units
  • Science 4 units
  • Computer Applications 1 unit
  • Religion 1 unit (for each year at a Seventh-day Adventist School)
  • Physical Education 1 unit
  • Fine Arts ½ unit
  • Health ½ unit
  • Practical Arts ½ unit
  • Electives As needed

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The majority of the courses will include core curriculum courses. Electives will be carefully determined in an effort to enhance the interests, goals and objectives towards college experience. Semester grades lower than 71% in any course will not be accepted toward the fulfillment of the requirements for the college preparatory diploma. In addition, two years of a foreign language is required. See the registrar for make-up options. 24 Carnegie Units are required for graduation.

  • English 4 units
  • Religion 1 unit for each year enrolled in a Seventh-day Adventist School
  • Science 4 units (must include biology, physics and chemistry)
  • Mathematics 4 units (must include Algebra II)
  • Social Studies 4 units (must include World History)
  • Physical Education 1 unit
  • Health ½ unit
  • Foreign Language 2 units
  • Computer Applications 1 unit
  • Fine Arts ½ unit
  • Practical Arts ½ unit
  • Electives 4 units (may include dual enrollment courses taken at Oakwood University)

Provided there are seats available, OU will allow OAA juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher to register for not more than two courses a semester, up to three courses within a school year. In addition, they will also be eligible to take up to six course hours during the summer sessions. Courses to be determined. An OAA student may enroll in a maximum of 9 credit hours per year (Fall and Spring) for free. Any additional hours will be charged at the institutional rate. OU semester courses will be offered free of charge to qualified juniors and seniors. Summer school courses will be offered at the regular summer rate of $200.00 per credit.

Juniors and seniors may take 100 and 200 level courses that are open to university freshmen except physical education activity courses and individualized music such as voice, piano, etc.

University credit(s) is/are only awarded upon enrollment and completion of the first semester at OU after graduation from OAA.

The OU instructor is responsible for reporting the grades of the OAA student to OU’s Registrar’s Office. OU’ s Registrar’s Office is responsible for reporting the final grades of the OAA student to the OAA Registrar within two weeks of the end of the semester.

If the OAA student doesn’t attend Oakwood University or wishes to transfer credit(s) to another college or university, they must pay the normal fee currently charged at the time of transfer.

If an OAA instructor meets the degree requirements as an OU instructor, with approval from the OU chair, dean, and academic administration, they may teach a class on OAA’s campus for d1,1al enrollment credits. If seats are available in the OU approved OAA instructed dual enrollment class and there are OU students who desire to take the course, they will be allowed to participate and, if approved, receive OU credit, at no additional cost. OU chair will be responsible for evaluating the quality of course instruction.

OAA Registrar will forward a completed “Dual Enrollment Form” to the instructor and OU’s Registrar’s Office at the time of registration. The official form certifies that the student meets the above requirements and includes OAA’s official seal and the signature of the OAA Registrar.

The OAA student who is enrolled in a university course through Dual Enrollment will have access to the Center for Student Success, Student Services, the Library and resources, and be required to take a dual enrollment picture ID and wear at all times while on campus. This ID is required while dually enrolled students are on campus for classes and while making use of any resources on campus.


Greetings Oakwood Adventist Academy Families,

Oakwood Adventist Academy is pleased to report that a recommendation to our accrediting board for Oakwood Adventist Academy was completed May 2023 by the NAD Accreditation Team.

Forthcoming information will be posted in the lobby of our school and our website.

The recommended terms are 6 years with a 3 year interim visit.  It is customary for schools to receive a 3 year interim visit to ensure the recommendations are on track for completion.  This information was shared with all stakeholders during our last constituency meeting on May 21, 2023.

OAA Administration 

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