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This year we are excited to welcome two brand new full-time teachers onto our middle school faculty. One of those teachers is the very talented Ms. LeQuicha Williams. Ms. Williams teaches math and science to our 7th and 8th grade students, and she serves as the 7th grade class sponsor. She brings her own unique flavor and style to teaching, and in her math classes students have the opportunity to participate in what she calls the “Math Café.” The café has 5 stations through which students rotate during a given class period.

Math with the teacher: Students have one on one time with Ms. Williams. It is very important for students to be able to have individual time to connect personally and to feel comfortable asking questions.

Math Writing (Vocabulary): Students use Learning style “menus” to present Math vocabulary in a fun, creative way, according to their personal learning style. Recently, the class used the Stop Motion movie app in Math lab. This strategy worked very well, especially with the hands-on learners.

Math with a friend: Students engage in research together as it pertains to project-based learning. The first quarter was focused on how to prevent diabetes. Students researched the diseases common to the African American community and narrowed the focal disease down to diabetes. The next step is to provide information at the upcoming health fair! Students related all of this to multi-step equations because controlling health is like a balancing act.

Math by Myself (Manipulatives/Math Facts/Practice): Students use this time to reflect on what was learned and discover if they can understand the material. They use manipulatives and any other hands on items given. This helps them in taking ownership of their learning.

Math with Technology: Student use online resources to aid in understanding the week’s topics. They may practice using Big Ideas tutorial videos, Kahoot!, or any other resources Ms. Williams provides.

Ms. Williams loves the rotations because they helps students get moving and see real-life aspects of Math. Ms. Williams says, “As middle-schooler, I was bent on the fact that I could NOT do well in Math. That is until I met a teacher that helped me love to learn! I am now that teacher! My goal is to help students learn Math and to LOVE it.”

The Math Café is just one example of how Ms. LeQuicha Williams already has OAA in her DNA!

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