Mrs. Theresa Johnson – Classroom Art

Mrs. Teresa Johnson uses Art in her 3/4 multigrade class to help build students’ sense of self-worth. Mrs. Johnson believes that artistic ability, such as the ability to draw, can be learned; it does not have to be a talent that one is born with. Indeed, everyone has an imagination and the ability to create. In agreeing with Pablo Picasso’s statement that “Every child is an artist”, Mrs. Johnson uses art to give “students the ability to create the things that they imagine. Thus, they create visual manifestations of abstract ideas.”

Mrs. Johnson also uses Art instruction to engage students in critical thinking in a fun way! “I’ve discovered that creating art is a great way for students to make choices and solve problems. Every step involves making a decision.” Whether it is deciding on what colors to use, how to make a line or a circle, or what size an object should be, students in Mrs. Johnson’s classroom not only learn how to draw, but they also learn how to think through a problem and solve it. Mrs. Johnson believes that, “nothing makes students feel more valued than having their teacher become excited about their art work,” so she uses Art instruction in her classroom to get her students engaged in and excited about learning! Third and 4th graders in Mrs. Johnson’s classroom have Art class throughout the school year.

Mrs. Johnson is just one of the teachers who helps to put the D in our DNA with such meaningful Development of our students holistic educational experiences! Thank you, Mrs. Johnson, for all that you do to help our students put OAA in their DNA!

– PD Nixon

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