Lakeisha Williams

Vice Principal

LaKeisha Williams has worked with youth in traditional and nontraditional contexts for over 10 years. Professionally, she has served as a collaborative educator in elementary, middle and high school. She has also volunteered in leadership roles for children’s, youth and music ministries in South Central, Allegheny East, Southwest, and Arizona conferences.

Mrs. Williams is married to Dr. Toussaint Williams, an associate pastor at Oakwood University Church. They have served side by side in ministry for over 15 years. Together they have two sons, Eleazar (13) and Uriah (9), both of whom currently attend Oakwood Adventist Academy. Mrs. Williams is a strong supporter of Adventist education. She attended Dupont Park, Takoma Academy, Pine Forge Academy and Oakwood College during her formative years. Her sons have also attended Adventist schools from their early years.

After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education at Oakwood, Mrs. Williams continued to Vanderbilt University to pursue a Masters in Special Education K-12. While at Vanderbilt, she was able to study culturally relevant education methods with top researchers in the field of education. She continues to maintain a connection with mentors and colleagues.

Some years later, while working as a Dean at Pine Forge Academy, Mrs. Williams continued her education by pursuing an Educational Specialist degree at Regent University. It was here that she built skills in understanding the priority for strong school and community relationships, positive school climates, and quality school communications. Her program culminated with a 200+ hour Principal practicum at a local school.

Most recently, in addition to working as a collaborative educator in public schools, Mrs. Williams decided to pursue a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership to expand her understanding of the impact of leader behavior on organizational development. While in the program, she has completed a number of research endeavors on familiar communities, organization flux and transformation, servant and transformational leadership theories, nonprofit leadership, group behavior, and learner-centered leadership. She is currently writing her dissertation and looks forward to completing her doctorate by the end of this year.

Through her educational and professional experiences, Mrs. Williams has developed a number of skills that she believes will be an asset to OAA. She is a proponent of community relations, frequently developing relationships with local donors and soliciting support from local government officials. She prioritizes parent relationships through frequent and timely response to communications in a variety of forms. Also, her experiences have helped her to develop positive behavior management skills by balancing healthy relationships with students while communicating consistent expectations.

Mrs. Williams continues to maintain a priority for family and personal wellbeing. Her family makes sure to spend time together through regular activities – worship, game nights, dinner outings, attending sports games, and road trips. Personally, she enjoys singing in her church’s choir, writing music and stories for children, and watching home makeover shows. Recently, Mrs.

Williams published an article in the March 2018 edition of Ministry magazine(see link below) that expresses a perspective on the leadership of Jesus, who she desires to emulate in all that she does. She is grateful for the opportunity to join the OAA family and serve as 9-12 Vice Principal.

Mrs. Williams already has OAA in her DNA, and she is looking forward to working with OAA students and families in her new position. When you see her, welcome her to the OAA family, congratulate her on her new position, and tell her that you are praying for her.